The Global Institute for Youth Development, Inc., operating as the Global Institute for Youth Development (GIYD /ɡīd/ for brevity), a non-stock, non-profit capacity development institute, was founded in 2018 and is envisioned to be at the forefront in equipping next-generation leaders with the necessary skill sets in order for them to effectively spearhead or participate in initiatives focused on addressing societal issues and concerns, especially in their localities.

    The Institute focuses on training the youth in the areas of Sustainable Well-Being and Humanity (People), Sustainable Economic Empowerment (Prosperity), Sustainable Environmental Protection and Climate Action (Planet), Sustainable Peace, Social Justice and Equity (Peace), and Sustainable Partnerships and Collaborations (Partnerships) – the 5 P's of the United Nations Global Goals for Sustainable Development.

   Aligned with the primary purpose of the Institute, and through a bottom-up approach, GIYD continues to conduct outcomes-based and action-oriented programs and activities, targeting young and emerging community leaders, regularly.

     The Institute also integrates the guiding principles set forth by the 2030 Agenda in its programs and activities aimed at developing the capacities of young leaders from public and private organizations, civil society groups, the academe, and marginalized sectors around the globe for them to become productive nation-builders and global citizens.


   In cognizance of the vital role of the youth in nation-building and international development, the institute shall develop and conduct outcomes-based programs to foster the youth’s effective participation in the affairs of the state, and promote the youth’s engagement and involvement in international affairs and cross-cultural development.


The Corporation commits itself to the pursuits of the following purpose:

     To develop and conduct programs and activities aimed at building the capacity of the youth in order for them to become effective stakeholders in nation-building and international development; to provide for the holding and giving of lectures, exhibitions, public meetings, and conferences adopted directly or indirectly to advance the calling of sustainable development among the youth; foster ties and cooperation in sustainable development initiatives by the youth; and to secure, print, and publish research journals, modules and books for use in connection with the development and execution of programs and activities of this corporation.